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I’m Tony. Welcome to my site! I know how hard it is to find good information about Wartrol online. I went through the same thing when I first started looking for information too!

That’s why I built this website. I want to get some real experiences out there and just let people know everything about Wartrol… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

That way you can make a smart choice about whether to even bother trying it in the first place or not. By the end of this post you will know everything you need to know about this private health option to make an informed decision.

The What’s What With Wartrol

Okay so you probably already know that this is an all natural homeopathic genital warts treatment if you found this page, so I’ll take it from there.

The manufacturer ships it in a discreet little package so that nobody knows what it is when it arrives, and once it’s out of the package the process begins…

It comes in a little spray bottle that you spritz under your tongue a few times a day. This is supposed to get rid of genital warts and help keep HPV in remission, says the manufacturer.



Homeopathic medicines are made with all natural ingredients so you don’t need to have a prescription or see a doctor to start using Wartrol. This is something that has caused Wartrol to become so popular for home treatment.

Does Wartrol Really Work?

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some other reviews to see what kind of results other people have been reporting with it.

Something a lot of people have told me is that you must have patience with Wartrol, but that’s why the company has been pushing their latest offer where you can get 2 free bottles of Wartrol with your order, by the time you’re through them all you should be getting some relief from genital warts.


Following docotor’s advice I was slowly getting better but was still having new outbreaks as soon as one cleared up. The wartrol stopped new outbreaks and cleared me up in one week and half. It does what it says. -Stephanie Metz (Anderson, IN United States)


Wartrol Ingredients List

Everything in Wartrol genital warts formula is all natural and is safe to combine with most other warts medications. But, you should always consult your doctor first.

The package shows that Wartrol is made with the following ingredients:

Black Sulphide of Antimony Antimony crudum, 30C

Wild Yellow Indigo Baptisia tinctoria 3X

Potassium Hydrate Causticum 200C

Nitric Acid Nutricum Acidum 200C

Arbor Vitae or, Tree of Life Thuja Occidentalis 200C

Alcohol 20% and Purified WaterWartrol.5oz label

As with many homeopathic remedies, the traces of anything in it are so minute that you cannot even tell that they are there. But that is the point of energetic medicines like Wartrol.

Where To Buy Wartrol

If you’re interested in trying Wartrol you can get the best deal by ordering from the official website. There is currently a limited time promotion going on where they are offering two free bottles with your order.  But I have no idea how long they’ll continue to do this, so go now before the 2 for one deal is gone!

The manufacturers have claimed that no stores are currently allowed to sell Wartrol on the shelf, so you have to place an order online. The problem with that is that it leaves an opportunity for scammers to send false products, or to straight up rip you off!

To avoid this I always recommend only placing orders on the secure order form on the official Wartrol company website that you can find here.

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